The Maydan Podcast


Announced by the University of Pittsburgh

The Maydan Podcast offers discussions addressing a range of topics and themes—both contemporary and historical—across multiple academic disciplines. It is designed to appeal to both academic and non-expert audiences.

A team of scholars from different institutions and representing a wide range of subfields and domains of expertise contribute to the podcast. It will produce 50 episodes over one year and seeks to engage audiences within and outside the field of Islamic Studies.

Curated by Su’ad Abdul Khabeer from University of Michigan and Sapelo Square, On The Square will be released every first Tuesday of the month. It is co-produced by The Maydan and Sapelo Square.

Curated by N.A. Mansour from Princeton University, Knowledge and its Producers will be released every second Tuesday of the month.

Curated by Saadia Yacoob from Williams College, History Speaks will be released every third Tuesday of the month.

Curated by Ermin Sinanovic from Shenandoah University, Islam on the Edges will be released every fourth Tuesday of the month. It is co-produced by the Maydan and the Center for Islam in the Contemporary World at Shenandoah University.

In addition to the 40 episodes produced by these scholars, other expert names and the AVACGIS faculty will produce another 10 episodes for Maydan Podcast.
Working under supervision of AVACGIS Directors Peter Mandaville and Huseyin Yilmaz, The Maydan Podcast Team is composed of Ahmet Selim Tekelioglu– Editor-in-Chief; Micah Hughes– Project Coordinator, and Sophie Potts – Post Production and Audio Editor. Inquiries and feedback about the Maydan Podcast can be sent to