CERIS Spring 2021 Book Discussion: The Many Faces of Muhammad

16 Apr 2021


Educators are invited to participate in the spring 2021 book discussion Faces of Muhammad: Western Perceptions of the Prophet Of Islam from the Middle Ages To Today by John V. Tolan (Princeton University Press, 2019). The event will take place at 6 PM Eastern Standard Time

Dr. Patrick Hughes (Religious Studies, University of Pittsburgh) will lead the discussion.

John V. Tolan’s book Faces of Muhammad explores the many and various ways that Europeans (and Americans) have understood, portrayed, and interpreted the life and legacy of Muhammad, the prophet of Islam. The strength of Tolan’s book is that it shows both the negative and the positive ways that Westerners have viewed Muhammad at different times and in different contexts—from those who showed outright hostility, to others who used Muhammad for their own polemical purposes, to those who viewed him with a grudging respect or outright admiration. In this CERIS book group we will discuss the origins and contexts behind these many “faces” of Muhammad to explore their historical roots and to see how the past has influenced today’s attitudes not only towards Muhammad, but also towards Islam and Muslims.

This book discussion is co-sponsored by the European Studies Center at the University of Pittsburgh

To register http://www.cerisnet.org/resource/ceris-educators-readers-forum

Event Date: 
Friday, April 16, 2021 - 6:00pm
Sponsored By: 
CERIS, European Studies Center, University of Pittsburgh
Elaine Linn
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Faculty of Institution